Monday, January 28, 2013

Quick Visit

The inversion in Utah is {maybe was?} crazy bad, so Tara, Steven and the kids surprised us with a quick visit to get some air and sunshine.  It was so nice {for me} to spend time with them--
such a nice break from studying 10+ hours a day!
Tara and I hung out with the kids while Blake and Steven were at work. 

Britton and  Spencer in the truck

Britton and Alli at Pretend City

Britton playing in the sand at Laguna Beach

Steven and Tara enjoying some sun

Aquarium of the Pacific-tiny jelly fish!

I had to put Blake on here to prove he exists during busy season. We went to Santa Monica Pier with his friends Craig and Erin a few weekends ago. It was so nice to have him for a few hours! 

This week brings a change of client for Blake and a big test for me!
I am hoping a new client means getting home earlier--like 8 or 9. 
As for me, my test is on Saturday afternoon and if I don't pass that one,
I'll be back on Sunday to try again. I'll need all the prayers and positive thoughts I can get,
so send a quick one my way!

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  1. It was wonderful! Thanks for letting us interrupt your week and coming to play with us.